Leather & Fur Mpilialis Dimitris

Meg. Alexandrou 147, 52100 - Kastoria
+30 24670 29507 | +30 6945825045
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The crafts and leather goods store of Mr. Bilialis Dimitris in Kastoria, which have been in operation for many years, have given a different meaning to leather goods and fur and have made us with their very good and affordable prices to look at furs and leather with another eye. Our main occupation is the production of quality leather garments and accessories for wholesale and retail sale. Our craftsmanship produces leather articles with a special order size in order to fit everyone.

Choose leather items in your dimensions.

We want you to know that we also carry out repairs of clothing.

Through our enormous range you can find us:
Leather jackets for men and women
Leather coat for men and women
Furs of all types
Mutton male and female
Women's fur vests
Vests of men's leather and mantle
Leather belts
Leather bags
Mouton women's, men's gloves
Fur coats
Fur Scarves
Men's and women's handbags
Men's leather jockey hats
Men's Mutton hats
Women's fur hats
Leather skirts

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