Souvenir Argyrakis

Ioustinianou 5 - 52100, Kastoria
2467028021 - 6948752775
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Our store has a tradition of 35 years !!! From the great love for our city, we have created an unprecedented range of objects that relate to our place and its tradition in order to promote Kastoria to the outskirts of the world. In our store you can find books about our mansions and Byzantine churches, the map of our city translated into English and Russian, Greek traditional costumes, religious icons and many tourist souvenirs .... Still you can find a wide variety of statues, touring t-shirts, athletic uniforms, watches, silverware and gifts for young and old. Every year we make changes, renew our products with the sole purpose of highlighting the place and its tradition as, as it is known

Place without tradition
nothing is worth it
it looks like a fruitless tree
rose that does not bloom...

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