Neolithic Settlement of Dawn

The Neolithic Settlement of Avgi is located 500 m north of the square of the homonymous village, 7 km south of Argos Orestiko and 10 km southwest of Lake Orestiados. The hilly relief and unobstructed visibility to all parts of the horizon make this rural area attractive to the visitor.

Access to the Neolithic Settlement, well supported by relevant signs, is extremely easy for pedestrians and vehicles. Visitors to the area are encouraged to explore the archaeological site and enjoy the scenery at different times of the year. We soon believe that they will be able to visit a large part of the excavated area of the Neolithic village.

Excavations in Avgi are currently under construction of 2000 sq. M. and bring to light interesting elements of the spatial organization of the settlement during the 6th and 5th millennia. The revealed remains of architectural and other structures belong to two - at least - stratigraphically distinct residential phases, each consisting of several episodes of intensive use of space.

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