Prehistoric Settlement of Dispilio

A visit to Prehistoric Dispel is not a simple walk. It's a long journey that takes you a long way. In a country of unknown and enigmatic, we call it "Prehistory", where things may not be the same as what surrounds us today, they have the same importance. Excavations began in 1992, while today in Reconstruction, consisting of 8 huts, the visitor acquires the image of a prehistoric Lagoon Settlement and sees the finds of that time, and can understand that it was a household 7,500 years ago. Unique cultural aspects of the Dispilio community reveal three osello fluorescents as well as a wooden sign with engraved linear elements. This sign dates back to 5260 BC. and it can not be excluded that it is an early form of writing, as it is supposed for similar symbols engraved on clay.

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