Grammos the Magical Mountain

Grammos, with its "most proud" peak at 2,520 meters, is the fourth largest mountain in Greece. It is located a few kilometers from the city of Kastoria and "joins" the Prefecture of Kastoria with the Prefecture of Ioannina as well as Western Macedonia with Epirus and Greece with neighboring Albania.

The Aliakmonas and Sarantaporos rivers spring from its slopes. Gorgeous ravines, mixed forests, subalpine lakes, dense vegetation and rare species of animal kingdom (brown bear, deer, wild boar, wolf, otter, wild boar, woodpecker, golden eagle, whitefish, birds of prey and other wildlife) which is among the most beautiful regions of Europe.

Here are the alpine lakes Gistova and Male - at an altitude of 2,400 and 2,192 meters respectively - in which rare Amphibian species of Triton live, as well as the virgin forest of Baruga, a mixed beech forest, fir and black pine with open pastures, , scientific and aesthetic value and has been declared "Monument of Nature".

On its outskirts, surrounded by lush landscapes, running waters and rare natural wealth, a landscape of unique beauty is formed - an ideal destination for those who seek unforgettable experiences in majestic nature. After recent recordings of the rich flora and fauna and the rare types of ecosystems it hosts, Grammos is one of the most important bird and bear shelters and is part of the European Union's Natura 2000 Network.

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