Our production
Our love for the primary sector started with the production of organic products and we have grown to cultivate 100 acres..

With your trust in our organic products, we are even closer than today..!
A new page in professional orientation where today's difficulties become motivations for a better tomorrow..!
Now with our new packaging of agricultural products and with the e-shop we are getting closer with all our products to your door and with all the certifications even for shipments to every corner of the earth..

Our packing house
In our certified packing house, exclusively for the processing of organic aromatic plants and spices, gentle processing takes place:
• Cutting
• Screening
• Cleaning
• Drying
• Standardization
with control at every stage.
In this way, excellent quality is ensured and the feast of flavors and excellent aromas reaches the consumer, who discovers it when he opens the package.

our products
Keep the scent of Nature in a mug.
"Physis Aroma" offers daily selected Greek herbs to every corner of the country.
The main characteristic of our herbal ingredients is the high nutritional value that leads to a rich and unforgettable taste experience.
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