The Stergio Estate is located in the northwest of the Greek map, just a few kilometers from the city of Kastoria, in the village of Metamorfosi. It is a modern viticultural effort that aims to highlight the historical vineyard of Kastoria and create wines directly intertwined with the microclimate of the region. The privately owned vines of the Stergiou family are planted in sandy and loamy soils, at the foot of Mount Vitsiou, just a few meters away from Lake Orestiada and at an altitude of 670-800m, where very special climatic conditions prevail. Having as a basic philosophy the balance between nature and man, the people of the estate insist on organic farming. Fertilization of the vine is done using composted organic mass, while the fight against diseases is done only in environmentally friendly ways. Manual work, low per acre yields, frequent scientific monitoring, vinification in modern facilities, result in dynamic wines with character.
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